Founder's Message

Welcome to Rajdeep Mahila P.G College, an institute with a different identity that has been established not only to provide education but also to tap the potential of students so that, they may emerged as complete individuals. We acknowledge that choosing of an institution for higher education is one of the most important decision for a student. The institution is the first rung of the ladder from where a student pursues a professional education which prepares him/her to embark on the first journey of his career.

Infra-structural facilities, teaching - learning process, academic ambience, developmental activities, industry-institute relationship etc. are the factor which take place in the process. Rajdeep Mahila P.G College is well-equipped with all necessary facilities to acquire a sound knowledge of theoretical as well as practical aspects of the academic discipline that student should pursue.

Here at Rajdeep Mahila P.G College, we commit ourselves to develop and nurture the talent of our students so as to enable them to become a successful techno-professional in a highly competitive and fast changing world. I wish to congratulate the students who have selected Rajdeep Mahila P.G College as their place for learning.

Knowing the facts and requirements of education, business and IT industry,Rajdeep Mahila P.G College works hard to equip the students with the required skills using the most innovative methodology. In addition to academics, Rajdeep Mahila P.G College emphasizes on discipline and total personality development.

My best wishes and blessing are with you and i prey to almighty to make you successful professional.

"Technology is a gift of god. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of god's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of art and of sciences."

Mr. Raj Bahadur Singh
Rajdeep Mahila P.G College